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“Project Alaska Turf was inspired by an Emmy Award winning ESPN documentary by Wayne Drehs on a community in Barrow, Alaska. The program focused on a football program that was implemented in order to reverse high teen suicide rates, accelerated dropout rates and increased teen drug use. Project Alaska Turf, a 501c3 entity, began in February 2007 raising the money needed to provide this start up team with an artificial turf field to replace their gravel-covered field. With the help from many individuals and companies across the US, a beautiful blue and gold field was installed just in time for the Whalers opening game on August 17, 2007. In front of national media, the Whalers won their opening game and the hearts of people across the US.

Since implementing the football program, Barrow Alaska has seen great progress in the development of their youth! With much pride the school attendance rates and grade point averages have soared.  Thank you for helping make this possible. For more information about this project and many others please visit www.athletes2champions.org
God bless,
Cathy Parker
Executive Director of  Athletes to Champions.

For more information call 904-347-1474

Pro Football Hall of Famer Larry Csonka

On Project Alaska

During my junior high school years I was given the chance of participating in the football program or leaving school for disciplinary reasons. Not only did the football program keep me in school but it taught me valuable lessons in teamwork, pride, self-discipline and accomplishment that played key roles in my college and pro careers.

The young men of Barrow have a very rich and unique heritage of teamwork and are appropriately named the Whalers. The addition of a much needed football program in Barrow will positively impact many young men’s lives…just as it did mine.

Larry Csonka
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Running Back

Band of Brothers Summer Camp

(July 14 – 18)

Project Alaska is alive and well! All through the duration of Project Alaska, a very special bond was being formed, a bond that will not be broken. The people of Barrow and the people who worked so diligently on the project will forever be connected by this dream come true. The players in Barrow formed very special friendships with the players from Bartram Trail High School and their families. They call themselves The Band of Brothers and their friendship stretches for 4,000 miles!

The coaches at the two schools have also maintained close ties. With the sport of football being so new to our Alaskan friends, there is still much to be learned. The coaches from Barrow have asked for additional training so that they can provide a quality program to their team. Out of this need, an idea was born for a Band of Brothers Summer Camp. This summer a small group of Bartram Trail football players and coaches will travel to Barrow to conduct a conditioning and training camp. The camp will be held from July 14th -18th and will focus on helping the coaches from Barrow learn to conduct their own camps at their own facility.

Please help us to keep this dream alive! We are currently involved in a fundraising campaign to cover the expenses of this trip. We want the people of Barrow to know that we continue to care about them and want to provide what they need to make their program successful and to make a difference in the lives of these young men! If you would like to be a part of keeping this dream alive, please contribute.